7-11 flash mob: Maryland police investigate store robbery (VIDEO)

A Maryland 7-11 store was robbed Saturday by a 'flash mob' - a large group of people coordinated by Twitter, or other social media. The events are also called 'flash robs.'

YouTube video
This screen grab image is from surveillance video at a Maryland 7-11 convenience store that was robbed by a flash mob on Aug. 13.

Possibly three dozen people walked into a Maryland 7-11 convenience store early last Saturday morning and walked out with candy, drinks, and other snacks in what appears to be another instance of a flash mob robbery.

Police in Montgomery County, Maryland, near Washington, D.C., are investigating the flash mob robbery, in which an undetermined dollar amount of items were taken from the store. No arrests have been made, as of Tuesday morning.

The son of the store's owner told a local television station the flash mob was not in a hurry when they came into the store. The sole clerk in the store at the time of the robbery hit a panic button to alert police when he realized what was happening.

The entire episode was captured by the store's security cameras.

Similiar flash mob events have taken place in Philadelphia, where the mayor has criticized young black men, saying they 'have damaged your own race.' And in San Francisco, the area transit authorities took down cell service in certain stations to prevent flash mob protests from getting organized. In Britain, officials are complaining that social media facilitated the riots that took place this past week.

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