Which US cities ban smoking in public parks? Here are five.

New York City lawmakers voted Feb. 2, 2011 to ban smoking outdoors in public parks, public beaches, and even Times Square. In all, almost 500 cities, counties, and towns have banned smoking in public parks. Here are five big cities that have done so.

2. Los Angeles County

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    This Jan. 28 photo shows pit bulls playing together at the Sepulveda Basin Dog Park in the Encino section of Los Angeles.
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Smoking is prohibited at all parks in Los Angeles County, under a ban approved by the Board of Supervisors in September 2009. Exceptions are made for actors who are smoking during filming for a movie or during a theatrical production, and for models during a photo shoot – but only in consultation with a fire official and at the discretion of the park director.

Smoking may be permitted in contractor-operated facilities, such as county golf courses, in designated areas. Smoking is also banned from any part of a public beach, except the parking area, in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.

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