Top five movie trends and surprises of 2010

True stories hit it big at the box office in 2010, while big sequels and 3D features largely fizzled.

3. 3D misfires

'Clash of the Titans' is cited as an example of 3D done poorly.

While the blockbuster success of “Avatar “ led more than a few Hollywood insiders, including director James Cameron, to tout 3D as the future of filmmaking, 2010 was not a good year for the technology.

Films such as “Clash of the Titans,” which was given a post-production conversion from 2D to 3D, disappointed at the box office. The persistence of the old complaints didn’t help – many moviegoers still do not like either the glasses or the darker tone of many 3D films. “Hollywood seemed to think that everything had to be 3D,” says Dergarabedian, “but this year proved that was not yet a winning strategy." Box-Ofice says attendance for 2010 saw a 5.36 percent downturn vs. 2009, good for the biggest percentage drop year over year since 2005, when attendance fell 8.14 percent from the year before.

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