Australian PM Kevin Rudd not angered at Obama for delayed trip

Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said he wasn't bothered by Obama's decision to delay his trip by a few days.

President Obama (not pictured) on Friday announced he would delay his trip to see Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (also not pictured). Then who is pictured? One of Rudd's protesters. It seems that topless protesting was a big thing in Australia two years ago. This gentleman was upset at the Rudd government's lack of support for seniors in the 2008 federal budget.

Well if you thought Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd might be offended by President Obama's decision to delay his trip to the land down under, he's not letting anyone know.

Rudd said he understood why Obama was staying in Washington noting that "health and hospitals reform" is on the Australian agenda as well.

"The President is welcome in Australia at any time," Rudd told Australia's Sunday Telegraph. "He knows that. The Government of the US knows that."

"If [the delay] is brought about by the necessities of the health reform process in the US, I really understand that...," Rudd said.

How so? The Australian PM explained: "He has a thing called a troublesome Senate. I have a troublesome Senate as well. There are a few similarities here."

"An embarrassment"

Yeah, we noticed some similarities too. People aren't afraid to offer an opinion on their elected leaders down in Oz either. Especially if it's negative.

Telegraph readers gave Rudd a mouthful.

"Mr Rudd - you are not the President of Australia - you are no where in the same category as a President, please don't liken yourself to being President. You sir, are an embarrassment to this nation and to the people you were elected to represent," writes one reader.


And if you think Obama receives harassment for his name, look at what some creative Australians call their leader. They've got an "A-Rod" thing going on. But it doesn't sound as good. It's K-Rudd. Or just Krudd. Or other variations.

"Kruddy, you and your lot couldn't even roll out insulation without stuffing it up, along with all your broken/failed promises/policies, platitudes, spin, bluff and bluster," offers another reader. "Why would we think you could achieve something in health care? Bring on the election....your time is up!"

We don't like your guy either

It's not just Rudd who Telegraph readers dislike. Some don't like our guy either.

"The trip is getting shorter and shorter and how are our government finding out, by twitter. Yeah that's how much this President thinks of the importance Australia," writes Tracey. "And as for his health care reforms, the overwhelming majority in his country DON'T want it, yet he is still going ahead regardless and regardless of how much it will cost. That goes to say, do we really want this man here anyway?"

By the way, it's not an overwhelming majority of people who don't want Obama's healthcare plan. According to Gallup, more Americans don't want it but only by a 48 - 45 percent margin.

Throw all the bums out

Then there are others who can't stand either of them.

"Aaah yes - Obama - the king of hot air and spin who has accomplished nothing - no wonder that KRudd wants to be his lapdog," another writes.


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