Rapper Sky Blu says Mitt Romney used 'Vulcan grip' on him in plane fiasco

Sky Blu, singer of the band LMFAO, says Mitt Romney had him in a 'Vulcan grip' while aboard an airplane Monday night in Vancouver.

TMZ screenshot
LMFAO rapper Sky Blu said Mitt Romney used a "Vulcan grip" on him in a scuffle onboard an airplane departing from Vancouver Monday evening. Cops, according to Blu, only believed Romney's version of the story and Blu was kicked off the airplane.

Mitt Romney used a "Vulcan grip" on rapper Sky Blu?

Wow. It used to be that Paul Harvey told you the rest of the story. Now it's TMZ...

The celebrity news site got a hold of a video (see below) from an individual who claims he was the one thrown off an airplane (it wasn't in the air) for an incident with former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney Monday evening. If you are new to the story, here's some background.

Anyway, turns out the alleged assailant was Sky Blu from the rap group LMFAO (or at least that's what he says).

Mr. Blu's version of the incident adds some color to the story. It's not as cut and dry as had been previously reported.

First blood

In fact, Sky Blu says Romney drew first blood. Well, he said Romney grabbed him after angrily telling him to move his seat up.

"He grabs my shoulder .. and I just react BOOM get off me!" Blu told the video camera. "He put a condor grip on me. What am I supposed to do?"

"That's like a Vulcan grip," offered his bandmate Redfoo.

"Like a Vulcan grip," Blu concurred. "I'm not your prey. I'm not a salmon going upstream. You're not going to grip me up."

Blu, clad in his underwear while telling the story in a hotel room, went on to say that during the maelstrom Romney's wife screamed, he (Blu) threw in a few cuss words and that the cops didn't buy his version of the incident.

"The man assaulted me. I was protecting myself," he said.

Let's be friends

Despite all that, the rapper said he and Romney left on good terms.

"When the cops boarded the plane we had already decided we weren't going to pursue this and everything was OK," he said. "I'm fine, you're fine."

Might Blu vote for him in the future, asked an off-camera voice?

"No," he said. "Cuz I'm a Democrat and he's a Repub."


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