Will Chris Matthews act like Sean Connery on Celebrity Jeopardy?

Hardball host Chris Matthews will play on the celebrity version of the Jeopardy Thursday.

HULU screenshot
MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews (not pictured) will appear on Jeopardy Thursday night as part of its "Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational." No word on whether Sean Connery or Turd Ferguson will make a guest appearance.

Will Chris Matthews tear after Alex Trebek Thursday night like he did the mayor of Washington, DC last week? We can only hope.

Nothing against Trebek, but the real Celebrity Jeopardy sadly isn't anything like the Saturday Night Live version and a little Hardball attitude from Matthews might make it more entertaining.

Matthews will appear on Jeopardy Thursday as part of its "Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational." He'll be paired with Charles Shaughnessy and David Duchovny. Matthews is playing on behalf of LaSalle College High School.

Matthews is entertaining enough but to honor the classic SNL skit maybe he could wear a giant cowboy hat like the Burt Reynolds character "Turd Ferguson." Or maybe he could mercilessly insult Trebec's mother like the Sean Connery character did in nearly every single episode.

Likely? No. But Matthews is a wild card so all bets are off. It'll be on Thursday night. Check your local listings and we can only hope it resembles something like the below video.


We would never insult your mother. But if we did, it would only be on Twitter. So follow us!

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