Daschle rescued by local FOX News affiliate in DC snowstorm

Residents of Washington, DC began digging out from under a thick blanket of snow Sunday after a record-breaking blizzard paralyzed Washington and the region, snapping power to 350,000 residents.

Calling the Washington, DC snowstorm the "Snowmaggedon" and the "Snopocalypse" all hype? Maybe not. The mammoth blizzard was powerful enough to bring together former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and FOX News.

Well, kinda.

Despite DC officials urging residents to stay inside their homes over the weekend, Daschle apparently braved the elements Friday night and found himself stuck on the side of a road.

A roving news crew from Washington's FOX affiliate were live streaming their coverage and came upon the stranded politico (see video below).

"How are you, sir?" asked the reporter before promptly offering up his colleague -- the photographer -- to step outside and help the former senator.

For a nano-second, the reporter pondered assisting his colleague before deciding to stay inside the warm vehicle. (Think Bill Murray in GroundHog Day -- he's the "talent").

The photographer was successful in getting Daschle back on the road and FOX used the experience to warm others not to head out.

'You tell Senator Daschle that he needs to watch FOX 5 more closely then he would know not to be on the roads out there," joked the anchor from the FOX studios.

Not everyone was as jolly. Comments on the YouTube video were typically negative.

"He's a liberal. Of course he needs´╗┐ someone to bail him out," wrote one viewer. While another offered the always predictable, "Global warming?"


Hey, we'll always push you out of a snowbank. Just follow us on Twitter. (But if we can't make it, call AAA).

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