FOX admits blunder in reporting Obama watched documentary

Did President Obama watch a documentary of himself last night instead of watching the election returns? Nope. The erroneous report was a result of a simple misunderstanding reports FOX.

Earlier today we told you about a FOX news anchor who reported that President Obama decided not to watch election returns last night so he could watch a documentary about himself instead.

The news anchor -- Martha MacCullum -- said that White House press secretary Robert Gibbs gave reporters this information at a morning briefing.

But as we pointed out, Gibbs never said that. Gibbs was asked if the president watched the returns last night. He replied no.

Did the president watch the new HBO documentary about the presidential campaign instead? To that, Gibbs said he didn't know, but said that he hoped the president was watching the Chicago Bulls game.

So how did this get all turned around?

FOX says it was a simple mistake. FOX White House correspondent Major Garrett said he thought that's what he heard Gibbs say.

"At 10 o'clock this morning, Martha [MacCallum] reported that the president didn't watch the election returns and watched the HBO movie [instead]," Garrett explained to FOX anchor Shephard Smith.

"That's because I misheard Robert Gibbs in the gaggle. The White House says he was probably watching the Bulls-Bucks game. My mistake."

FOX supplied The Vote with a link of Garrett's explanation. Click here to see it.


Hey, if we ever incorrectly report that you were watching TV, we'll let you know about it on Twitter. So follow us!

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