A White House Halloween: Obamas turn White House into Orange House

A White House Halloween? You bet. The Obamas turned the White House into a Halloween carnival on Saturday night.

A White House Halloween. The Obamas celebrated Halloween in style Saturday night with a dancing skeleton band and plenty of costumed goblins roaming the North Lawn.

A White House Halloween?

That's what happens when a president has young children. He better celebrate Halloween. And President Obama is -- with a lot of style.

In the recent past, the White House website has received the majority of the Halloween treatment with the residential staff recounting the legends of presidential spirits and other bumps in the night at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

This year, the largest website celebrating Halloween is Google (they've switched their logo again). As for President Obama, he went full out -- turning the White House into a Halloween carnival.

As Mel Brooks said in "History of the World, Part One," it's "good to be the king." Or the president. Or the president's daughters.

Because when it comes to trick or treating, they definitely had the coolest house on the block. (Technically speaking, it's the only house on the block -- because it takes up the entire block, but still...)

As we told you earlier, more than 2,000 kids in the DC area got to trick or treat at the president's house today. They were greeted by a Chicago-based jazz band appropriately clad in skeleton costumes while Star Wars creatures and other costumed performers roamed the North Lawn among giant 1,000 pound pumpkins.

One of those Star Wars creatures? White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. He was decked out as Darth Vader. To conservatives, nothing's changed -- except his apparel. They must undoubtedly believe that he must feel more comfortable in this menacing costume.

The end is nigh...

The glow of the White House was distinctly different as well. Orange flood lights gave it a more eerie look. If President Obama already frightens those in the tea party movement, then imagine what dancing skeletons in front of a fiery-looking White House must do.

Yep. Armageddon is here.

Conservative websites, predictably, are taking aim at the president in seasonal style.

One video on Pajamas TV has President Obama telling children that they have far too much candy in their Halloween bags and that some of it should be redistributed to children who didn't get candy for themselves.

"What? It's Halloween, they can get their own candy," said one trick-or-treater dressed in a pirate costume.
"What about kids that are less fortunate than you," the president asks.
"It's Halloween. It's free," said the pirate.
"Maybe for kids like you who can afford costumes," the president replied.
"Hey commander-in-chief," the kid said. "See my eye-patch? It's felt. We're not exactly running a Disney-budget on this one."

The president goes on to say that if the children give him half of their candy, he'll give them credit for new candy.

Predictable? Yes. But it's still funny.

Halloween always gives those in politics an opportunity to explain how their opponents are the most frightening part of the season.


Hey, we'll never mock you at Halloween. But if we do, we'll tell you about it on Twitter. So follow us!

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