Palin speaks at NRA event -- receives a bunch of awards

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin spoke at a NRA dinner on Saturday night in Anchorage. Palin received many awards including the Gold Medal Award of Merit for the Promotion of Gun Collecting.

Not enough Sarah Palin news for you over the weekend? Well, here's another...

The former governor of Alaska spoke at a National Rifle Association dinner on Saturday night in Anchorage. Few details are available about the speech itself, except the topic was on the Second Amendment -- something she, presumably, remains in favor of as the NRA branded her remarks "stirring."

NRA president Ronald Schmeits and executive vice president Wayne LaPierre joined Palin and husband Todd at the dinner, where she reportedly received numerous awards including an NRA Benefactor Life Membership and a Gold Medal Award of Merit for the Promotion of Gun Collecting.

It's not the first time Palin has received commendation from the NRA. You'll recall that a few months ago she was presented a special M4-like assault rifle. The custom-made, all-white AR-15 dubbed the "Alaskan Hunter" was presented to Palin in May.

Less than a month ago, Palin signed a guns rights bill to much fanfare in Fairbanks where she appeared on the "Firearms Friday" radio talk show. Rocker Ted Nugent dialed in and "told Palin from his home in Michigan that he was firing up the grill to cook up some Alaska black bear backstrap in her honor."

"Awesome," she replied.

The seeming absence of any media at Saturday's conference left many people on the Conservatives4Palin website thrilled.

"I love that she did this on her own terms without media attention or any sort of leak. Tells me she has control of her organization and her message," wrote one commentor.

"Ha! The national media was too busy beating her up for supposedly turning down the Reagan Library women to know she would be speaking last night at the NRA!" said another visitor to the site.

One person, however, was more "friendly" to the mainstream media offering: "Happy to see liberal media are coming here & even getting their stories here. This could be a breath of fresh air from all the trash and lies they are writing & reading from their own blog site. so welcome enjoy!"

That's not to say Palin wasn't popular over the weekend. Senator John McCain yesterday defended her decision to step-down from Alaska's top office on CNN's State of the Union and her spokeswoman on Saturday was busy swatting down rumors of a divorce.


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