Mark Sanford? What about Fred Sanford?

YOUTUBE screenshot
With all the talk of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's affair going on today, we thought it would be appropriate to remember a much more fun Sanford -- Fred Sanford, from the 1970s sitcom "Sanford and Son."

While everyone is fixated on the bizarro press conference held by South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, we thought it might be fun to remember Fred Sanford.

You remember, Redd Foxx, the owner of the junkyard in the 1970s sitcom, "Sanford and Son." True, his son Lamont was lame. But Fred was funny. Hilarious, in fact. So we provided this video (below).

Oh yeah, if you want to read about the press conference, we've got that covered too. Just click here. Or check out our live blog here. Or read what Twitterers are saying about the affair here.

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