In amazing show of athleticism, Obama kills housefly in mid-air

CNBC screenshot
In an amazing test of skill and dexterity today, President Obama killed a fly in mid-air much to the amazement of CNBC reporter John Harwood.

UPDATE:  PETA has responded to President Obama's killing of a fly.  Click here to read the shocking details...

Who says President Obama is weak on defense?

It was almost like watching that scene from Karate Kid when Mr. Miyagi showed Daniel how to kill a fly with his chopsticks. Except it was the White House version of it. And no less dramatic.

President Obama played the part of the seasoned Sensei while CNBC's John Harwood was the hapless kid played by Ralph Macchio. Yes, it was high drama in the East Room today.

PETA has yet to issue a statement, but we couldn't sit on this pivotal story waiting for one. We just had to go with it.


Obama was speaking to Harwood about the administration’s efforts to improve financial regulation. Normally that conversation would be about as exciting as watching paint dry. Actually watching paint dry would probably be more interesting.

Thankfully a housefly wouldn't leave the president alone disrupting the interview numerous times. That's when Obama's razor sharp reflexes kicked in. (see video below)

Presidential skill

In a move only rivaled by President Bush's ducking of two flying Iraqi shoes back in December, President Obama nailed the fly in mid-air sending the insect to an early but much deserved grave.

It wasn't as though Obama set out to kill the fly originally. He warned the fly more than once. "Get out of here," Obama told the fly, waving his hands (to express the seriousness of the situation).

Harwood, noting the relentless nature of the insect, said to the president, "That's the most persistent fly I've ever seen." But not once did the reporter offer to assist Obama.

That's when Obama took things into his own lightning fast hands pulverizing the insect like Miyagi or even Chuck Norris might do.

Moments passed before a stunned Harwood stammered, "Nice..."

Cool Hand Obama looked at the humbled reporter and said, "Now, where were we."


That's when Obama decided to spike the football. And do a little dance.

"That was pretty impressive, wasn't it?" Obama said gloating over his fresh kill. "I got the sucker. What do you think, Gibbs?"

His press secretary must have been stunned as well as he didn't respond to the president's question. Obama then directed the CNBC's cameras to focus in on the body of the lifeless fly. You could say the photo of Obama towering over the trophy was somewhat reminiscent of Sarah Palin's photo with the moose she shot a few months ago.

After Harwood composed himself, he told his CNBC colleagues that this might be Obama's "make my day moment."

Let's see Dick Cheney question Obama's credentials on national defense now...


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