Breaking news: Obama orders cheeseburgers (Biden not invited)

President Obama ordered a cheeseburger today at a fast food restaurant in Washington, DC today. The president requested jalapeno peppers, mustard, tomato, and lettuce on his cheeseburger. Reportedly, there were no problems with the order.

No, it's not to the level of announcing a new policy on North Korea. Nor should it be equated with the unveiling of an updated military strategy in Afghanistan. It doesn't even stand up next to an announcement on a Supreme Court nominee.

But perhaps next in line would be the breaking news that President Obama did go to a fast food restaurant today and ordered a cheeseburger.

In fact, he ordered many cheeseburgers. Not because he -- like nearly every American -- is desperately trying to gain weight to fit into that summer bikini. But reportedly he ordered multiple cheeseburgers for his staff back at the White House.


Not to stir up a controversy, but it should be noted that he also ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, as well. Some will undoubtedly make a big deal out of this. We're just putting it out there.

The particulars of Obama's cheeseburger are also available. He ordered lettuce, tomato, jalapeno peppers and mustard. Not necessarily in that order. However, once we check the official transcript and have a detailed discussion with the presidential stenographers we will make an addendum to this breaking news alert.

The president was joined by NBC's Brian Williams who is shadowing the president for a "day in the life" program to be aired in June.


Obama spoke with patrons at the restaurant, and when asked how the presidency was going so far, Obama didn't flinch.

"So far so good," he said. "About what I thought."

Then the bombshell. The direct contradiction.

"More problems than I thought," he flip-flopped (without even taking a breath). "Because we didn't know the economy was going to collapse."


It would have been more newsworthy had he brought Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner along to pay for the excursion, but Obama himself paid for the meals reportedly counting out four $20 bills to cover the damage.

Another notable absence: Joe Biden. The veep accompanied the president last time. Perhaps because the NBC cameras were rolling for the "day in the life" program, Biden had other dining arrangements conveniently made for him.*

Political impact

Leave it to CBS veteran Mark Knoller to seize on the potential political fallout from today's outing.

"Does Obama put the vegan vote in peril by going out for burgers?" he tweeted.

That's all but a guarantee. Stand by for a Michael Steele YouTube video.

UPDATE: The official transcript has been released. Obama requested condiments for his cheeseburger in the following order: Jalapeno, tomato, and mustard. Then he paused (perhaps for dramatic effect) and asked for some lettuce as well.

UPDATE #2: The vice president's office informs us that Vice President Biden was attending a funeral today in Wilmington, Delaware.


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