Was Obama trying to run out the clock?

Was President Obama purposely trying to delay his speech to make it difficult for former Vice President Cheney's speech to get coverage? The president's speech started 28 minutes after it was scheduled.

President Obama is running late today. He was expected to speak at 10:00am.

It's not uncharacteristic of this administration to run late. But seeing that 28 minutes elapsed before Obama took the stage, you could make a case that the Obama team is trying to make it difficult on networks to carry former Vice President Cheney's speech.

It's politics. It's a giant chess game.


And people in the Twitterverse were talking about it.

arently: Obama delaying Ntl Security speech. Cheney has to wait until Obama finishes. Sensing Rahm laughing hysterically right now.

josh_sternberg: @stevebruskCNN think they're trying to trump cheney's speech at AEI?

Nakialjackson: Is Obama running late because he knows that the networks will not cut from him to go to Cheney?

Uncucumbered: RT @DavidCornDC: Cheny is waiting until after O speaks. What else does Cheney have to do today? /At last he knows his place in the universe

attackerman: so will cheney delay his speech too?


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