Missing: President Garfield's head, has sentimental value

A statue of President James Garfield was beheaded less than 24 hours after it was dedicated on the grounds of Hiram College in Ohio.

Not a bad outing after all for President Obama. Sure, there were some protesters but the president was generally well greeted by attendees at Notre Dame on Sunday.

He fared much better than another U.S. president this weekend. Take President James Garfield, for example. Not even 24 hours after a statue of the 20th president was dedicated on the grounds of Ohio's Hiram College, his head went missing.

Crime scene

Apparently the beheading of the 95-year-old sandstone statue took place on Thursday night or early Friday morning. Police speculate it could be a senior prank.

"Officers have been tirelessly looking in dorm rooms, the woods, and even construction sites," the Chief of Police told one Cleveland TV station.

"It's hilarious," said one distraught student.


The giant sandstone statue still looks down stands majestically on the grounds of the campus. Garfield was a student at the college and later became president of the institution.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer notes that the statue (with head) was valued between $20,000 and $30,000. No estimates are yet available for the headless version.

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