Obama's week in review - the 1980s hit radio version

It was a roller coaster week for President Obama. Although polls show the president enjoying a high approval rating, two major flip flops and a simmering controversy at Notre Dame threatened to take the focus off of his agenda.

What does President Obama's week-in-review look like in the eyes of a 1980s hit radio station?

It's like a totally tubular marriage (don't tell Miss California) of hits from the 80s (complete with big hair and YouTube videos) and some of the week's raddest political stories.

Let the awesomeness begin...

President Obama could begin the week with a celebration even before Vice President Biden boarded that crazy train from Delaware to DC. Poll numbers were up. Straight up. A 66 percent approval rating.

Despite the polls, the White House was under pressure by many on the right for some of the jokes Wanda Sykes told at the White House Correspondents dinner on Saturday night. It was a wild thing.

In the crossfire was a joke about Rush Limbaugh being a terrorist. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said "I can't go for that, no can do" when asked about the joke.

Sykes responded that girls just want to have fun and critics should beat it.

This was the beginning of a manic Monday for the president. His first public event focused on health care. Obama did not say he wanted a new drug or address the problems associated with bad medicine. Rather, he told doctors, doctors, and nurses that it was possible to slash $2 trillion over the next decade by cutting -- like a knife -- the annual growth in costs.

After Monday's press briefing there was wild speculation that Obama would be walking like an Egyptian next month as Gibbs announced a trip to that country on June 4.

It wasn't Til Tuesday that we found out that that California girl, Carrie Prejean would keep her Miss California crown. Now, she's a beauty and all, but pictures of the girl on film could have meant she'd lose her title. It wasn't like she was a centerfold or anything and Donald Trump didn't see a problem but said her answer on weddings was the same as President Obama's.

Gibbs didn't say anything about it, but Obama probably wondered, "Lady, you bring me up - why?"

Sarah Palin was back in the news Tuesday with word up in Alaska that she'd be writing a book. Not that she can see Russians from her house, but that could be a chapter. Also, perhaps a chapter on how rumors got started that she didn't know Africa was a continent.

Meanwhile, Dick Cheney was on the Sly Fox network. His message to Republicans? Don't stop believin' in conservative principles. Some Republicans -- but all off the record -- said they wished the former veep would say "Hasta la vista, baby."

It was like the Twilight Zone in the press briefing room on Wednesday when cell phones kept ringing off the hook. Was it London calling? Perhaps it was someone who called to say I love you. Maybe it was Jenny, Jenny. Whoever it was, it bothered Robert Gibbs. He acted like an annoyed professor demanding the offending phones. Although no one seemed to be hot for teacher.

More chaos on Wednesday when Obama announced he changed his mind on releasing additional abused detainee photographs. He told his lawyers to fight for their right to keep the photos undercover.

Gibbs was trying to spin everybody round (like a record) that there was no change of heart. Regardless, the ACLU said we're not gonna take it and vowed to continue to fight like a warrior.

Dick Cheney reappeared in the news when the CIA told him that their lips were sealed regarding the release of certain memos he's requesting. "You keep me hangin' on for months just to hear this?", he likely wondered. He vowed to fight the power.

Later in the day, Air Force One was flying high again. This time to Arizona State University where graduating students told the president that they were doin' alright, gettin' good grades, the future's so bright, that they had to wear shades.

He was also told he couldn't have an honorary degree. Gibbs said it don't mean nothing. And that's my prerogative, said the ASU president.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed it (pushed it real good) on Friday when she said the CIA lies to Congress time after time.

Leon Panetta disagreed sending out an email saying, "Spies like us should not worry but be happy." Pelosi sent out a clarifying statement later in the day which sounded like her first remarks were a careless whisper.

As the weekend neared, controversy continued to simmer over Obama's trip to a small town in Indiana -- not Kokomo, but South Bend. The president will give a speech to Sister Christian and others Sunday at Notre Dame.

Meanwhile First Lady Michelle got into her own supersonic-like jet as her office announced she was going back to cali to give an address at UC Merced.

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