GOP is the party of Fred Flintstone say Democrats

A new ad released from the Democratic National Committee asks "Is it 2009? Or 1996". The DNC alleges that the Republican party is devoid of new ideas and new people.

Anytime that The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" can be referenced, it should.

So we lead with that this morning as we discuss the Democratic National Committee's new ad that attempts to portray the Republican Party as the party of dinosaurs.

To do that, they rolled out footage of some of the GOP's Grand Old People: Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, and John McCain. It wasn't that difficult to do as all three appeared on the Sunday Morning News shows yesterday.

That's the point the DNC is making: No New Ideas. No New People.

Or as the ad says, "The New GOP. Same As The Old GOP." (This is The Who reference, for the sad few who aren't fans).


It was a given that the DNC would try to make hay out of Cheney's appearance on Face the Nation yesterday. The vice president, unlike some in the GOP, doesn't waiver and stays consistent in articulating what he believes -- no matter if it's the popular thing to say or not.

So although the big sound bite of the day was Cheney's remarks on the Rush Limbaugh - Colin Powell tiff, he also said that Republicans can "win elections when we have good, solid conservative principles to run upon and base our policies on those principles."

Same old

Those principles are outdated according to the DNC.

"Devoid of new leadership or new ideas -- and having turned in to the Party of No - the GOP has nowhere else to turn but towards a generation of leaders whose ideas and brand of politics have been thoroughly rejected by the American people," DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse said. "Anyone watching television today would have to be excused for asking - is this 1996 or 2009?"

By the way, if it feels like you've seen John McCain on the talk shows a few times, you have. Not that anyone is counting but last February McCain made his 68th appearance on Face the Nation -- a world record.


It's not that the Republicans don't have any new blood -- they do. It's just that none seem to be connecting all that well. Sarah Palin is the Great Polarizer, Bobby Jindal imploded when he gave the Republican response, and John Boehner isn't the most articulate (and as President Obama pointed out -- looks like Tang).

And when the party elders formed the new club to rebuild the Republican party, they forgot to loop in Utah Governor Jon Huntsman who might be the best up and comer the GOP has.


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