Michelle Obama's favorite thing? Sesame Street

Sesame Street photo
Michelle Obama visited Sesame Street Tuesday to record a Public Service Announcement on the importance of good nutrition. The first lady said the visit was the highlight of her time in the White House thus far.

The greatest show on TV? Sesame Street.

Who doesn't love that green guy who lives in a garbage can? Or the blue hairball who almost explodes when he's offered a cookie. Sure, that giant yellow bird is annoying and would it really surprise you if Grover ended up on the FBI's most-wanted list?

Despite those two, it might just be the best television program ever made. And First Lady Michelle Obama loves it too.


You would think with all the exciting things she's done so far as the second-in-command (Joe's been demoted), that an appearance on Sesame Street might just be something fun or one of the highlights.

Nope. To Michelle, it's -- as the Count would say -- "Number one, HA HA HA HA HA HA."

It even topped speaking at the United Nations. She was there yesterday and couldn't get over it.

"I'm thrilled to be here, but I was just at Sesame Street, I'm sorry," she said to laughter.

"And I never thought I'd be on Sesame Street with Elmo and Big Bird, and I was thrilled. I'm still thrilled. I'm on a high," she added. And not the type of high that Schwarzenegger is talking about.


The first lady visited the children's show to record a public service announcement on the importance of good nutrition. We don't have details on the PSA yet -- like if the Cookie Monster joined her.

But he could have. After all, he's been wimpified lately. No longer does he only eat cookies. They put him on a diet a few years ago. Now he eats vegetables too.

Best thing ever

Regardless, Michelle said the experience was the best.

"I think it's probably the best thing I've done so far in the White House. But we were there talking about nutrition and healthy eating, and it's just been a thrill," she said.

We don't have the PSA yet, so we offer this classic Sesame Street video (pre-vegetable Cookie Monster).


The biggest thrill for us? If you follow us on Twitter (and we really like the Cookie Monster too). So follow us on Twitter!

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