FOX won't air Obama's press conference

The FOX network announced today that they will not be broadcasting President Obama's third press conference of the year. FOX will air its regularly scheduled lineup instead, but the FOX News Network will air the president's press conference scheduled for 8:00pm (ET) this Wednesday.

So, he's been in office for 100 days. One network's reaction? Big deal....

President Obama's got yet another prime time press conference scheduled -- this one for Wednesday night -- and the FOX network is saying enough's enough. They're opting out.

Too much Obama? Well, if you count the president's address to Congress earlier this year, this will mark the fourth time he's interrupted regular TV programming so far this year. Or every 25 days, he wrecks the TV schedule.

And as Broadcasting and Cable magazine notes, "networks stand to lose millions in advertising revenue by shifting or rescheduling their normal programming. Fox has twice this year shifted its top show American Idol to make room for the White House requests."

Lie to Me

FOX will stick with its regular lineup instead. Undoubtedly Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck will have much fun discussing the name of that television program and contrasting it with the president's press conference.

The name of the TV show? "Lie to Me".

Don Surber at the Daily Mail is already having fun, writing, "Lie To Me” will be on at 8 p.m. on Wednesday. Fox will air an entertainment show instead."



It's not as though FOX is boycotting the president or anything. The network announced they will air Obama's press conference on the FOX News Channel and the FOX Business network.

And to even be really helpful, the network promised to alert viewers "with an on-screen graphic at the top of the 8:00 PM (ET) hour that the press conference is available on Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network.”


Because of this coverage, you can count on much merriment preceding the press conference from FOX News analysts about the size of President Obama's teleprompter before the event.

They might even bring up the teleprompter breakdown that happened today.

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