Germans love Bo Obama! Portuguese Water Dogs sell out.

Bo Obama is an international sensation. German newspaper Bild reports today that demand for Portuguese Water Dogs have outstripped supply. The breed is "sold out" according to one breeder in Germany.

Well, we all know that Germans love David Hasselhoff. But now Hasselhoff is going to have to share the love.

Enter President Obama's new dog, Bo.


The president's decision to get a Portuguese Water Dog for his family has resulted in a boom in demand for the breed. At least in Germany.

The German newspaper Bild reports that the breed has sold out in the country and interest in the dog "is out of control."

"My phone has not stopped ringing and I have had at least 100 people call me!" one breeder told the paper. "Everyone wants puppies, but there are hardly any in Germany at the moment."

Surprising? Well, perhaps Bo Obama didn't know how popular he would be once donning the title of First Dog. But it was certainly something expected in the US.


Just this morning, animal behaviorist Terry Jester wrote, "I hope the Portuguese water dog breeders are gearing up for what will be a huge surge in the demand for puppies."

Dr. Jana Kohl, an animal-rights activist who featured President Obama in a book promoting pet adoption, predicted a run would happen -- especially with the president's decision to opt out of his campaign promise to get a dog from a shelter and go the breeder route instead.

“This will fuel the breeding industry, which will fuel the puppy mill industry, which will increase homeless dogs at shelters, and increase the numbers of dogs euthanized every year,” she said.

Kohl has since said she felt betrayed by the president's decision not to adopt.

Obama accepted a Portuguese Water Dog named Bo from Senator Ted Kennedy. Bo originally came from a Texas-based breeder.


Monitor economics writer Laurent Belsie said it could be looked at as one of the few bright spots in the world economy.

"This could be the first result of an Obama stimulus plan that's working," he joked. "The nation that leads the way in the production of Portuguese Water Dogs may be the next economic superpower. Forget green energy."


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