It's Earth Day! Obama and Limbaugh celebrate it differently

Jake Turcotte/Staff
To commemorate Earth Day, President Obama will tour and meet with workers at Trinity Structural Towers , the former Maytag plant which now houses a green manufacturing facility that produces towers for wind energy production, in Newton . The White House says, this is a "perfect example of how a community can rebuild a local economy with investments in clean energy and efficiency."

Just in case you were wondering, President Obama and Rush Limbaugh will not be holding a joint Earth Day press conference today.

It would be quite newsworthy, but perhaps it was a scheduling problem or the stars just didn't line up this year. Maybe next.

But, don't worry, each will join -- according to CNN -- one billion people around the planet in celebrating the annual event.

Is this Heaven?

Obama heads out to Iowa (or Heaven as some have called it). But not Dyersville, the home of the "Field of Dreams". Instead the president commemorates the Earth in Newton, where he will visit a green manufacturing facility that produces towers for wind energy production.

Explains the White House press office:

"Iowa , a leader in wind energy, is a perfect example of how a community can rebuild a local economy with investments in clean energy and efficiency. Trinity employs dozens of former Maytag employees and is part of the revitalization of a town hard hit by the closing of the Maytag plant."

Following the tour of the facility, President Obama will discuss his energy plan. Says the White House, Obama will discuss "promoting clean energy innovation to help end our dependence on foreign oil, creating millions of new jobs, and preventing the worst consequences of climate change."

The president wants $15 billion annually for 10 years directed to the renewable-energy industry.

"Go back to this plant in 10 years and, once we get this comprehensive energy and climate legislation through, they will see a dramatic rise in the number of employees," said an Obama energy aide to the Des Moines Register. "We're not suggesting we would completely fill this hole, but we're making dramatic improvements and steps in the Obama administration to get there."


Meanwhile, the conservative talk show host is honoring the Earth by celebrating coal, the car, plastic bags, and light bulbs.

Last week, in preparation for the event, Limbaugh said, "Normally, those of us with sanity sit Earth Day out, while schools frighten kids with apocalyptic tales of the earth being destroyed, because we enjoy a high standard of living."

But Limbaugh came through this morning and singled out "pioneers who have contributed to the well-being of the planet".

In what he calls a "solemn tribute" he honors a man named Gordon Dancy. Who's he?

"He invented the first high-density plastic grocery bag, which can handle up to 40 pounds of stuff. That singular invention has benefited our daily life on earth in multitudinous ways," he explained.

But don't forget the coal industry. Something he says needs recognition.

"We salute a group that's unmarked by history: the first coal miners in America -- farmers, selling it by the bushel. Their efforts grew into an industry that fuels America's energy needs. To the coal miners of America, past and present: Happy Earf [sic] Day."

Whether you buy into it or not, is there a better band to listen to today than Earth, Wind, and Fire? Enjoy...

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