Vigilant press spots Bo, the first dog, out for a walk

Bo Obama, the new First Dog of the United States, takes a walk on the South Lawn of the White House.

As reporters and photographers were waiting on the back driveway of the White House for the President to emerge for a trip to CIA headquarters Monday afternoon, who should come walking up the driveway but First Lady Michelle Obama and Bo, otherwise known as FiDOTUS (First Dog of the United States).

Print pooler Sam Youngman of the newspaper “The Hill” said reporters and photographers were told no cameras were allowed. Mrs. Obama, dressed in a black raincoat approached the press pool for what she called "a special treat."

Petting the presidential pooch

With that, the pool took turns petting the wet pup who, Youngman reports, “seemed to take a liking to us.” Twice Mrs. Obama demonstrated Bo's obedient response to the "sit" command.

After a couple of minutes, Mrs. Obama moved to go in the mansion, and pool members proceeded to the vans that carry members of the press in presidential motorcades.

Obedience training for the media

Whether you are entranced or repelled by the media frenzy surrounding the Obama’s dog, it is worth reading the Los Angeles Times’ careful analysis today of the Obama Administration’s public relations strategy titled “Getting to know the Obamas on their own terms.” It is at,0,557707.story

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