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Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich will host the morning show Wednesday on WLS radio in Chicago.

Good Morning Chicago! The Rod Blagojevich show airs tomorrow

What's better than the thought of waking up to Rod Blagojevich?

If you're anything like us, that's tough to beat.

Want no more. Now the dream's a reality.


Blago will appear on Chicago's legendary WLS radio station tomorrow morning from 7am - 9am. And because they live webcast their programming, you can stay in bed wherever you live and wake up to "@$#!* Golden Oldies with Rod" or whatever he'll call the show.

It's not the first time WLS has offered the ex-gov a job. They offered him the weekend shift last January if he voluntarily stepped down. You know what happened from there.


It gets better. Not only will he be taking phone calls from listeners but he'll have some guests as well. Two of them are actors in the musical "Rod Blagojevich Superstar!"

We're not kidding. The Second City comedy troupe launched the musical last February – to surprisingly good reviews. Chicago theater critic Dave Wollinsky gave it an A minus.

"Second City has always been at its best when they can lay satirical waste to moronic local scandals, so it wasn’t too surprising when they announced Rod Blagojevich Superstar this month," Wollinsky wrote.

"Astonishingly, Superstar doesn’t feel rushed," he said. "True, it borrows heavily from Jesus Christ Superstar, but its succinct telling of the rise and fall of Blagojevich ... in only a handful of scenes is remarkably funny."


How are the people in Chicago taking it? Mixed. The news has generated a lot of comments on one Chicago website.

Michael is looking forward to it:

"This is going to be some of the best radio in Chicago in YEARS," he writes. "I for one can't WAIT to hear what this nutjob comes up with on air!"

Debbie says she's glad she's already at work by 7am

"If he were going to be on any earlier, I'd have to find elevator music ... or a polka music station ... HORRIBLE music, but better than a stick in the eye which is what listening to Blago speak ... is akin to."

But not John. Give the guy a break he says.

"The man has to make a living, leave him alone Haters of the world."

For those of you like John– the non-haters of the world – you can visit the website here.


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