Obama cracks jokes on Tonight Show - says Geithner is outstanding

President Barack Obama joins Jay Leno before appearing on the NBC late night comedy show, "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"

Was President Obama funny this evening on the Tonight Show?

Although most Americans will have to wait a few more hours before the president makes his appearances on Jay Leno's late night program, some details have emerged.


The Associated Press is reporting that President Obama said Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is doing an "outstanding job".

What's unclear however is if that was part of the president's monologue.


The New York Times reports that Obama and Leno spent a sizable amount of time discussing the bonuses for executives at the American International Group.

“The question is who in their right mind when the company is going bust decides we’re going to be paying a whole bunch of bonuses to people,” Mr. Obama said. “That I think speaks to a broader culture that existed on Wall Street, where I think people just had this general attitude of entitlement where we must be the best and the brightest, we deserve $10 million or $50 million or $100 million payouts.
“And the immediate bonuses that went to A.I.G. are a problem, but the larger problem is we’ve got to get back to an attitude where people know enough is enough and people have a sense of responsibility, and they understand that their actions going have an effect on everybody,” he said. “And if we can get back to those values that built America, then I think we’re going to be okay.”


For those who don't watch Leno, such topics aren't standard fare. Earlier this week, Leno spoke with Reese Witherspoon about her new movie "Monsters versus Aliens."

"This is my character that I play on Monsters and Aliens" Witherspoon said holding a three-inch plastic doll. "One day she's on her way to her wedding and she gets hit by a meteorite -- BOOM! And then she grows to be 49 feet tall."


Details of Leno's monologue are starting to come out as well. No word of teleprompter jokes, but there's always time for a jab at Obama's VP.

"[We intended] to have Vice President Joe Biden come out and say a few words. But it is only an hour show.”

One of the questions the First Couple regularly receives is when they are going to get a dog. Coming soon, Obama said.

"This is Washington. That was a campaign promise," Obama replied to audience laughter. "No, I'm teasing. The dog will be there shortly."

Obama's teleprompter

Earlier today, we told you that someone something claiming to be the president's teleprompter set up a Twitter account under the name TeleprompterOne (read that story here). Following the program, the teleprompter appeared eager to reveal some details tweeting:

"Good Evening My Fellow Americans! The interview with Jay went great. I got to meet Jay's Teleprompter. She's cute."


Toward the end of the taping, however, is when the president may have stepped in it.

ABC's Jake Tapper notes the president made an offhanded remark about his low bowling score which may come back to haunt him.

After telling Leno he bowled a 129, the president said it's "like the Special Olympics or something."


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