Obama spanks Limbaugh (in new poll)


What's next Limbaugh versus Batman?

The story that won't go away isn't going away. And this blog isn't helping. So we'll keep it quick.

New poll

Yet another new poll is out.  This one proves two things:

1) Polling is a recession-proof industry .

2) President Obama is more popular than Rush Limbaugh.

If the latter is a surprise to you, we hope you had a nice nap.

Tale of the tape

The McClatchy-Ipsos poll finds 65 percent of Americans approve of the president's job so far while 29 percent aren't happy with him. The other six percent probably hung up on the pollsters when they heard the question.

As for Rush Limbaugh the poll found that 30 percent of Americans have favorable opinions of him while 46 percent do not. And we're assuming a much higher hang-up right of 24 percent.

Although not included in the survey, we're guessing that nearly 100 percent of the 1,600 people McClatchy laid off are wondering why the organization is spending money on Rush Limbaugh polls.


But as long as they did it, here are some more numbers:

Democrats like President Obama more than Republicans with 89 percent of the president's party giving him a thumbs-up. While only 25 percent of the GOP support the new commander-in-chief. Independents give him a 58 percent approval rating.

The majority of those polled think the economy is going to get worse before it gets better. Despite this, 44 percent believe the country is going in the right direction.

Hopefully a new poll will be commissioned tomorrow so we can compare it against this one.

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