New Dem website makes it easier to apologize to Rush Limbaugh

A new website created by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee lampoons Republican leaders who criticize Rush Limbaugh and then immediately apologize for it.

Even if you're a Republican, you gotta admit it's pretty funny.

Talking about the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's new site I'


The site is making light of what seems to be a pattern. You know, a Republican leader criticizes radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh and then begs forgiveness.

Hey, Obama chief of staff Rahm Emaneul said as much this past Sunday.

“Whenever a Republican criticizes Limbaugh, they have to run back and apologize to him and say they were misunderstood,” Emanuel said on Face the Nation.


Then, as if on cue, GOP Chair Michael Steele - who criticized Rush the night before - apologized to Limbaugh. We told you about it earlier this week. In fact, we created a ballet out of it.

And who wouldn't want to see Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele in a ballet directed by Rahm Emanuel. Come on.

It works

Anyway, this website - unlike a lot of the quick drive-by sites set up during the 2008 campaign - is actually funny.

It allows you to customize an apology letter to Limbaugh. You have the option then of signing it as Georgia Congressman Phil Gingery (who apologized to Rush for calling him a brick-thrower), South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford (who apologized to Rush for "not" calling him an idiot), and GOP Chief Michael Steele (who apologized to Rush for calling him incendiary and ugly).

There's more

The creators of the site take an extra shot by allowing you to sign it as Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor.

What's that? Cantor hasn't apologized?

"Coming Soon," says the web site.

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