Obama names Sebelius to HHS - Howard Dean keeps his cool

Former Vermont Governor and DNC Chief Howard Dean did not get selected as President Obama's HHS chief. The former governor, who wanted the job, was supportive of Obama's pick - Kansas Governor Kathy Sebelius.

Anyone who was looking forward to a Bobby Knight-like "throw a chair" tantrum from the tempestuous Howard Dean will be disappointed.

The former DNC chief didn't get the job he wanted and his reaction was ... gracious.

No YouTube viral video. No "scream."


Kansas Governor Kathy Sebelius got the nod today as the new Health and Human Services Secretary (assuming she doesn't go the way of Bill Richardson, Tom Daschle, or Judd Gregg).

It's a job Dean wanted. And he wasn't shy about it. He reminded President Obama's favorite blogger today of that.

"I was pretty clear that I would have liked to have been Secretary of HHS, but it is the president's choice and he decided to go in a different direction," Dean told the Huff Post's Sam Stein.

Is that it?

First Daschle, then Sebelius and that's his reaction?

Then, the former Vermont governor piles it on by being nice.

"Kathleen's going to be terrific," he told MSNBC. "She's smart, she was a former insurance commissioner before she was governor, she knows the issues, she's going to be excellent."


Of course, it is HHS and Dean was a doctor before he became a governor, before he ran for the Democratic nomination, and before his famous shout-out and scream after the 2004 Iowa caucuses seemed to signal the unwinding of his campaign.

We'll provide you two options. If you'd like to read more about President Obama's selection of Sebelius, click here.

But if you'd like to revisit Dean's famous speech from 2004, we've embedded the video below:

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