The Rod Blagojevich train wreck continues - now Burris contradicts himself

Oops. Earlier this month Senator Roland Burris amended sworn testimony to include additional contacts he had with members of Rod Blagojevich's staff expressing his desire to fill the U.S. Senate vacated by President Barack Obama.

Motivational speakers will tell you it's important not to limit yourself. Don't think that you've reached the apex. You can always do more.

And they're right.

Take the Rod Blagojevich disaster for example. Just when you might have thought there was no way this train wreck could get any worse, guess what?


Burris, not Blago

It's not so much Blago now. The one-man circus continues to appear on talk shows proclaiming his innocence.

Now it's the guy Blago appointed to the US Senate who's making news: Roland Burris.

Instant recall

He appears to be having a memory lapse.

In January, the Illinois House impeachment committee asked Senator Burris if he had spoken to Blago or any of his people about his desire for the Senate seat once held by President Obama.

Back then he said he had only spoken to Lon Monk, a former aide of Blago's. (Click here to read the testimony).

What I meant was...

Now he's updating his statement a bit. He has suddenly recalled speaking to three or maybe four more people. Including Blago's brother Rob three times about the Senate seat.

In an affidavit dated Feb. 4, 2009, and sent to the chairman of the Illinois House impeachment committee, Burris explains, "I mentioned a conversation with Lon Monk but was then asked another question and did not mention anyone else. I wish to supplement my answer with other events that I have been able to recall, to make certain the record is complete."

I forgot

Why the sudden recall?

In a statement released today by Senator Burris's office, he explains, "there were several facts that I was not given the opportunity to make during my testimony to the impeachment committee."

Not given the opportunity to make?

Balderdash says state Rep. Jim Durkin, the ranking Republican on the impeachment panel.

"This wasn't a couple of questions that I can understand someone may forget, it goes way beyond that," Durkin told the Associated Press. "To say that he wasn't given the opportunity to explain himself is a load of BS."

Regardless, Durkin's not happy telling the Chicago Sun-Times that the state prosecutor's office will be asked to review the January testimony to see if perjury was committed.

Blago's here!

But maybe that's not needed. Blago is offering himself up as a character witness.

His publicist sent out a press release this afternoon in an apparent attempt to quell the storm.

"There’s absolutely nothing inappropriate that took place between Gov. Blagojevich and Sen. Burris in connection to the governor's appointment of Mr. Burris to the U.S. Senate," said the publicist.

“The governor acted ethically and honestly and believes Sen. Burris did too," he said.

Well, that should clear everything up.

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