McCain: Best cure for defeat is to be "back in the arena"

AP Photo/CBS Face the Nation, Karin Cooper
Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., appears on CBS's "Face the Nation" for the 68th time. McCain told host Bob Schieffer that the best "cure" for his failed presidential bid was to get back "in the arena."

If you think you saw a familiar face this morning on Face the Nation, you did.

Senator John McCain was a guest on the program for a record 68th time. Not even Bob Dole can compete with that. Dole has only made 62 appearances.

No doubt McCain would have preferred to be on the show as president rather than senator, but how does one bounce back after losing a bid for the presidency?

That's how CBS host Bob Schieffer and Senator McCain started their conversation this morning.

SCHIEFFER: Steve Holland of the Associated Press wrote a little piece, the other day, that -- that caught my attention. It said, when Al Gore lost his run for president, he went to Europe and grew a beard. The first George Bush was knighted and started parachuting out of airplanes. Bob Dole made Viagra ads.


And you just went back to work in the Senate. How are you doing?
MCCAIN: Fine. And I think the best cure for defeat is, as tough as it may be, is to get back in the arena.
I love what we do in the Senate. I’m honored to serve. I’m honored to represent the people of Arizona and have some voice in major challenges and crises that we face, both at home and abroad.
So, best cure, and I’m happy to be back. And I’m happy to be back on this program.
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