More flying shoe attacks - this time Chinese premier targeted

Jake Turcotte/AP

You know the drill, if you don't like someone's speech - throw your footwear at him.

Just like former President Bush was the victim of a flying shoe attack in December, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was the target of a flying shoe today.

According to the London Times, Wen was concluding his speech at the University of Cambridge when a man stood up, blew a whistle, and shouted, "How can the university prostitute itself with this dictator? How can you listen to these lies?”

He then apparently took off one shoe and hurled it at the premier.

Mr. Wen did not need the ninja-like moves displayed by Bush last year as the shoe did not come nearly as close to its target. Reports have the shoe landing a few feet away.

Unlike Bush who cracked a joke following the incident, Wen was not nearly as amused.

“This despicable behaviour cannot stand in the way of friendship between China and the UK,” he said.

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