Sarah Palin's shoes sell for $2,000 on eBay

Jake Turcotte

Hey, remember Sarah Palin's giant shoes she wore the night she wowed the GOP convention?

Well, maybe "giant' isn't the right word for them. After all she wasn't wearing huge green Frankenstein-like clodhoppers.

But you know, those red high-heels she was wearing. Some might describe them as sexy. We wouldn't, of course. But those other people might.

For sale

Anyway, they're back in the news.

It's not because she has announced she's going to wear them at this weekend's Alfalfa Dinner in Washington, DC or anything. It's because apparently they were for sale.

A TV station in Anchorage is reporting that her niece decided to put the shoes – a pair of red, Naughty Monkey Double-Dare pumps – up for sale, saying that they "don't fit to [sic] well."


So, just like her Aunt's decision to put the Alaska state plane up on eBay, she went the same route.

Her alleged niece's ad read:

"Up for bid are thee actual Red Naughty Monkey Heels owned/worn by Sarah Palin. I got the shoes from Aunt Sarah after mentioning that I liked them. They don't fit to well, so I decided to let someone else enjoy them.

"These are the exact heels that made headlines. If you search "Sarah Palin's Red Shoes" on a serach [sic] engine, you will find multiple blogs, articles, and stories on these shoes. You could own a piece of history!!!
"The shoes are NOT autographed, but the buyer has the option of having them autographed!! I included pictures of the shoes, the autographed pictures, the Sharpie pen, and me and my aunt (just taken a couple days ago)."

Bidding has ended

Unlike her Aunt, however, who was unsuccessful in selling the state plane online, she was able to secure a winning bid. And for a pretty good haul. The highest bidder shelled out $2,025 for the pair.

Before you call the FEC to report a violation, her niece wanted to set the record straight.

"These shoes were bought in a small store in Juneau, AK. They were NOT paid for by the RNC. They were purchased by Sarah!!!"


Well maybe the proceeds will go toward her presidential bid in 2012?

She hasn't announced that she's running for anything. Sure, she formed a political action committee a couple days ago, but as we told you earlier today, she says that doesn't signal any presidential aspirations.

You can check out that article here.

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