Can Sarah Palin read? Chris Matthews isn't sure

Well this was a little snarky.

While discussing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's possibility of a book deal on Friday night, MSNBC's Hardball host Chris Matthews wondered if she even knows how to read.

"If she can read, if she can write, she'll make some money," he said.

In a later segment Matthews continued the sniping by saying, "The big question is who's going to actually write the Palin book."

Bad blood

This isn't the first time Matthews has gone after the former vice presidential candidate. Back in December, while discussing her potential as a candidate for president in 2012 and her ability to draw a crowd, Matthews let it be known that he's not a big fan.

"I'll tell ya, you know, liberals out there cannot stand her," he said. "Regular populist liberals cannot stand her. A lot of the middle of the road people can't stand her. But as long as you got an audience, look at that crowd! ... This is really hard to do this, to salute Sarah Palin."

Book deal

Incidentally the book deal Matthews was discussing? Huge money. Some reports say she wants $11 million for her memoirs.

The LA Times reports that she hired the services of Washington lawyer Robert Barnett to help her nab a big book deal. He's represented big, big names in the past including President Obama, former President Clinton, and the new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

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