Today's official schedule


Want a quick breakdown on what's happening today and at what time?

Here's the scoop:

9:00 AM VIPs begin arriving
9:45 AM Platform seating begins
11:03 AM Former Presidents announced and seated
11:12AM Biden family announced and seated
11:14AM Obama family announced and seated
11:16AM Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Cheney announced and seated
11:18AM Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden announced and seated
11:20AM President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney announced and seated
11:22AM Vice President-elect Joe Biden announced and seated
11:25AM President-elect Barack Obama is announced and seated
11:30 AM Senator Feinstein delivers opening remarks
11:34 AM Senator Feinstein introduces Pastor Rick Warren
11:35 AM Invocation by Pastor Rick Warren
11:37 AM Senator Feinstein introduces Aretha Franklin
11:38 AM Aretha Franklin sings My Country Tis of Thee
11:42 AM Senator Feinstein introduces Senator Bennett
11:44 AM Senator Bennett introduces Associate Justice Stevens
11:46AM Vice Presidential Oath administered by Associate Justice Stevens
11:47AM Senator Feinstein introduces performers
11:48AM Yo-Yo Ma, Anthony McGill, Gabriela Montero, Itzhak Perlman
―Air and Simple Gifts composed by John Williams
11:53AM Senator Feinstein introduces Chief Justice Roberts
11:54AM Chief Justice and President-elect Barack Obama move to podium
11:56AM The Presidential oath is administered.
11:57AM Herald Trumpets perform Ruffles and Flourishes. The U.S. Marine Corp Band plays Hail to the Chief. Twenty one gun salute.
11:58AM Senator Feinstein introduces the President
12:01PM Inaugural address
12:21PM Senator Feinstein introduces poet Elizabeth Alexander
12:27PM Benediction given by Reverend Joseph Lowery
12:31PM Presidential party departs from platform
12:32 PM Departure ceremony
12:36 PM President and Mrs. Bush depart from the East plaza in helicopter
12:52 PM President’s Room signing ceremony
1:05 PM Statuary Hall luncheon
2:32 PM Review of the troops
2:36 PM President and Mrs. Obama, and Vice President and Dr. Biden leaves with parade

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