Eating with the enemy? Obama has dinner with conservatives (gasp)

Jake Turcotte

If Shaggy from Scooby Doo were a White House reporter perhaps "Zoinks!" would be in his write-up after he found out what Barack Obama did last night.

After all, the President-elect decided to hang out with conservative columnists.  In fact, he had dinner over at George Will's house.

Pretty nice digs too.  This ain't no double-wide with a rusted Camaro on blocks in the front yard.  According to real estate site Zillow, Will's house is worth a cool $1.9 million.  (Had he sold his house back in 2005, however, he could have gotten $2.8 mil for it).

Times are tough for everyone.


Who was on the guest list?

The New York Times's David Brooks, the Washington Post's Charles Krauthammer, CNBC's Lawrence Kudlow, National Review's Rich Lowry, and the Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol.

No Joe the Plumber?  No.  He's over in Israel covering a war.

What happened

Controversial?  Not really.  Although the filer of the pool report thought those on the left might touch the lunatic fringe with the news.

Says New York Daily News's Ken Bazinet, "This is for real, folks. The bloggers are going to love this.”


There doesn't seem to be any hysteria in blog-land.  Barack Obama has reached out to the other side before.  Who would have thought he would appear on Bill O'Reilly's show during the campaign?

From what we've found, most on the left have more of a "who cares?" attitude about the event.

From the Daily Kos:

"We're really supposed to be outraged about this or something? Why wouldn't he talk to conservative writers? It's not as if he shied away from the other side during the campaign, even going on Bill O'Reilly to get yelled at by that old gasbag. Let him try to work his charm with that crowd. There's little downside. "

Nothin' good

Maybe, maybe not.  Matthew Rothschild over at the Progressive seems to be one of the few who's a little bent out of shape over the dinner.

"Nothing good can come from this," writes Rothschild.  "While David Brooks is a bit of a milk toast, George Will is not to be trifled with, and to the extent that Obama cares what he says, that’s bad news for progressives.  Charles Krauthammer is a neocon through and through, and a mean one at that.

"And as for Bill Kristol, he of the Project for a New American Century and the Weekly Standard, this man is about as loathsome as they come," he fumes.


The thing that got a lot of traction last night was a rumor that Rush Limbaugh also attended.

Writes AllahPundit over at HotAir, "Is this happening? The One’s charm offensive is actually going to beat a path to the golden microphone? What’s next, drinks with Coulter?"

But it was all for naught.  No Rush.  No word of drinks with Ann Coulter.


So what happened at the dinner?

Who knows?  Obama's people aren't saying.  And none of the attendees have written anything on their web sites this morning. We don't even know what they ate.

We're guessing details (even if they are cryptic) will emerge soon...

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