President Carter's bike stolen (he was not riding it at the time)

Jake Turcotte

One week away from returning to private life, President Bush can learn a lesson from former president Jimmy Carter.  Even though Secret Service protection goes with you, things are different in the outside world.

These streets are mean -- just like David Lee Roth used to sing.

Stolen goods

How mean?  Mr. Carter was ripped off earlier this month.  So was Rosalynn.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that the bikes of the former president and first lady were stolen.  Thankfully the two were not riding them at the time or it probably would have made a bigger news splash.

Turns out the bikes were minding their own business at the Carter Center in Atlanta.  That's the organization the Carters founded back in 1982 dedicated to advancing human rights and alleviating human suffering.

Rolling junk

The bikes in question, estimated to be worth more than $1,000 each, were given to the Carters by Peter Wicker, the owner of a local bicycle shop.

He told the AJC that he presented the former first couple new bikes because their old ones "weren’t much better than rolling junk."


Although Carter wasn't around to comment (he's in China), Wicker was none too pleased with the news speculating that the thief likely didn't even get market value for the high-end bicycles.

“They’ve probably been sold for a $10 rock of crack,”  he fumed.

No suspects have been identified according to the paper.

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