With news on standby, Nader grabs some air time

Although the Detroit Lions have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl this year than Independent candidate Ralph Nader has in winning the election, he's still around. In fact, he held a press conference today.

Nader spoke to reporters at National Press Club in DC this afternoon -- at a time when the two mainstream candidates were concentrating on getting out the vote and preparing for the returns to come in. According to reports from the Talk Radio News Service and MSNBC, Nader announced that during the first portion of the press conference he would only answer questions from reporters in one word statements.


How'd it go? Something like this:

What is your opinion of Obama? "Clever."
What is your opinion of Palin? "Developing."
How much money did you raise for your campaign? "Insufficient."
Why do you keep running for president? "Justice."
Will you be elected president? "No."
When do you think you will win? "Sometime."
What should Bush do on his last day in office? "Surrender."
Will Obama be able to provide tax cuts to 95 percent of the population? "Impossible."
What is your opinion of the media? "Servile."


Nader opened up in the second half of his press conference, at which that time the maverick renegade politician sounded remarkably like every other politician. How so? He criticized the press.

"It’s remarkable, when journalism studies this campaign that Joe the plumber will have received more coverage than a Nader-Gonzales campaign rooted in forty years of accomplishment and determination. This is one of the worst hours of the press," he said.

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