What does Joe the Plumber do now?

Jake Turcotte

It looks like a cabinet position in the White House isn't going to happen.

With Ohio and Pennsylvania both going to Barack Obama, the chances of a McCain presidency are really dim. You could even say they've gone down the drain.

But that doesn't mean Joe the Plumber is going down the drain with him, right?

Well, with election season ending and Wurzelbacher's main currency being McCain, how does he remain in the public eye?

Book, website

He was able to use his month in the limelight to secure a book deal and yesterday he launched a web site called called SecureOurDream.com.

The purpose of the site is to help people take control of their government he said.

"I have formed this organization to bring together individuals who want to help others, while at the same time ensuring our government keeps answering our tough questions," reads a narrative attributed to Wurzelbacher on his new site.

Harsh spotlight

But in an interview with the Guardian, he seemed a little put off from the spotlight.

"You know, fame is fleeting, leaves you hungry, leaves you cold, leaves you tired. Fortune never comes with it," he said using words that could just end up as a country western single.


In that interview, Wurzelbacher even seemed a little irritated with McCain himself.

He vented frustration at the way McCain thrust him into the spotlight by mentioning him more than a dozen times during a televised debate with Barack Obama, in which Wurzelbacher was held as an example of an aspirational working man.
"I was unhappy that my name was used as much as it was because I think there were real other issues that should've been discussed during the debate," said Wurzelbacher. "I was happy that I was used as a focal point but I didn't think I was going to be the only point."

Not journalism

He's not that happy with the media either. He told the Toledo Blade that reporters need to focus on reporting facts instead of "spreading personal views."

"The media is on an agenda as it sealed the elections for Obama almost after the presidential debates, being off-limits on many issues and involved in character assassination," he said.

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