Joe the Plumber stiffs McCain. Pursuing country music career?

Jake Turcotte

Hey Joe, there's only five days to go before the election. Ya' think you can clear out your schedule just long enough to help someone campaign for President of the United States?

Perhaps that's what John McCain was thinking when his new best friend, Joe Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber didn't show up to a rally today in Ohio.

Left him hanging

The plumber, who became a central part of the McCain campaign after pointedly questioning Barack Obama on his tax proposal, was a no-show.

Some speculated he was fired after dispensing foreign policy advice at a rally two days ago.

Where's Joe?

"Joe's with us today," McCain said at a rally (not knowing he was stood up).

"Joe where are ya?" questioned McCain.

"Joe, I thought you were here today...," he said, trailing off.

A true politician, the Republican rebounded by yelling, "You're all Joe the Plumbers! So all of you stand up!"

Where was he?

So what the heck happened to Joe? He was home. As it turns out, he didn't know he was supposed to attend.

CNN, always resourceful, called Joe.

They report it was "news to him" that he was supposed to be there, but that he was making plans to join the Republican nominee later in the day. The network also reported Joe was "not happy" about the incident this morning.

Joe the entertainer

CNN said Wurzelbacher was planning to go to Philadelphia to appear at a charity event not related to the campaign.

What -- is he freelancing now?

Yes. According to Country Music Television, Wurzelbacher has signed on with The Press Office, a Nashville PR firm.

"He's getting hundreds of media requests, literally hundreds," a representative of the firm told FOX News. "Though he's been thrust into it, he's a celebrity notwithstanding and with that notoriety he's being deluged with requests."

Country music?

But what kind of requests?  All sorts.  Speaking engagements, a book and get this:  a country music contract.

Politico reported that it's possible.  And Joe didn't deny it.

"I love country music, and I mean it's pretty much what I listen to from sun-up to sundown," Wurzelbacher told FOX News.  "But as far as me being a country music star, I don't know. I don't think people are that deaf-tone out there."

Thanks but no

Not everyone out there is thrilled with the idea.  Take Prefixmag, for example.  Their headline today?  "Joe the Plumber to become Joe the talent-less country singer".

You can't win 'em all over, Joe.

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