Biden: Ready to rumble (with love)

Jake Turcotte

If Sarah Palin's speech were a diving event in the Olympics, she may have pulled off the vaunted "triple lindy."

Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden would have been the equivalent of the East German judge who in a series of 10s would have scored the Alaska Governor an 8.5.

But 8.5 is still pretty good. And the Obama campaign sure isn't going to give Palin a free pass. Substance, they say, is the issue. And Biden was touring the morning shows on Thursday dispensing plenty of platitudes for the now-almost-deified Governor, but pointing out a few flaws as well.

He did call it amazing and "incredibly well-crafted" but, said Biden, it had a few holes in it. Gaping holes. Perhaps craters.

"I didn’t hear the phrase middle class," Biden told CNN. I didn’t hear a single word about health care. I didn’t hear a single word about helping people get to college. I didn’t hear a single word or phrase about how to deal with the retirement, security for people, and Social Security. I didn’t hear the word Afghanistan or Pakistan mentioned where the terrorists live. You know, I mean – where Al Qaida is."

These omissions would seem to present Mr. Biden the opportunity for a full-out nuclear attack during the upcoming vice presidential debate.

Not gonna happen says Joe. He told a crowd today in Virginia that he was raised to "never, ever, ever" attack other people.

“I will take issue with her ideas as strongly as I possibly can," he told MSNBC earlier in the day. "I will be unrelenting in my debate with governor, the governor of Alaska in terms of the positions she has taken. But I will not do what she is able to do so well... I am not good at the one-line zingers.”

Speaking of one-line zingers, how about that line last night that Palin sold the Alaska state plane on Ebay. Any truth to that?

Thanks to Yahoo's Buzz Log, that mystery is solved:

She did, indeed, list the previous governor's Westwind II plane on the popular auction site — three times. But no buyer ever made the minimum bid. According to, she eventually sold the machine through a broker for a cool $2.1 mil, "at a loss of around half a million dollars."

Maybe Joe Biden will claim fiscal irresponsibility on this deal – with love, of course.

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