Forget Biden -- Palin's taking on Obama in new ad


Guns a blazin', the McCain folks have had it.

They're pretty much having a Greg Focker "meltdown on the plane" moment.  They're not saying, "I've had it with the checking-of-the bags conversation."  But they are saying, "We've had it with the vetting-of-the-Sarah Palin conversation."

Steve Schmidt, aka "the bullet," aka McCain head honcho, sent Politico an email this morning saying no more.

"This vetting controversy is a faux media scandal designed to destroy the first female Republican nominee for vice president of the United States who has never been a part of the old boys' network that has come to dominate the news establishment in this country ... The McCain campaign will have no further comment about our long and thorough process. This nonsense is over."

Not only did they say 'talk to the hand' on the vetting issue, they launched a new :30 commercial that is not exactly a Christmas card from Wasila.

It's a comparison ad starring the new almost-vice-presidential nominee.  Comparison ads are standard.  What's not so standard is who Palin is taking on. Forget Biden.  They're going for Palin versus Obama, mano-a-mano.

The ad – creatively called "Alaska Maverick" – brags about Palin's accomplishments in bringing about reform while standing up to special interest groups.

"While Barack Obama talks about change, Governor Sarah Palin has actually done it," said the release announcing the new spot.

The spot goes:

The Journal (as in Wall Street) says: Governor Palin's credentials as an agent of reform exceed Barack Obama's.
They're right.

She has a record of bi-partisan reform.
He's the Senate's most liberal.
She took on the oil producers.
He gave big oil billions in subsidies and giveaways.
She's earned a reputation as a reformer.
His reputation? Empty words.

Watch the ad yourself here:

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