Romney comes out swinging at Dem convention

Mitt Romney knows what he's doing -- he's getting in a shootout. Although outnumbered by hordes of Democratic gunslingers, the former Republican presidential candidate is doing everything he can to get out the Republican message.

Is he welcome? Sure. Maybe the convention-goers don't want him there. But reporters surely do.

It appeared Romney was everywhere yesterday as the main GOP mouthpiece, with his"Obama's not ready" talking point seeming to be perfectly synchronized with the McCain commercials currently airing.

At a Christian Science Monitor-sponsored forum with reporters yesterday, Romney went for the running-mate -- perhaps a prelude to the sparring we will see this fall if McCain points to him for co-pilot.

The problem with Biden, according to Romney? Everything.

To be a bit more specific -- with Joe Biden's speech tonight expected to discuss national security issues, Romney says "everything" is wrong with Biden in this area.

“As you stand back and look at Joe Biden, you see someone who has spent 30 years dealing with foreign policy, but has usually been wrong for 30 years,” Romney said.

Monitor colleague Gail Chaddock has the full accounting of the one-hour lunch with reporters here, but suffice to say Romney believes Obama just doesn't have the cred.

“I don’t think he has the judgment which is developed through years of experience in life that prepares him for assuming the title of president of the United States and commanding the most powerful military and guiding the most powerful economy," he said.

Another potential Veep pick for McCain is slated to assume the attack dog role at the convention on Thursday. Minnesota Governor (and rumored short-lister) Tim Pawlenty will offer his insights, which are likely to be similar to Romney's.

Who will get the nod? CBS's Katie Couric thinks it'll be Romney, writes one Denver Post reporter.

Venturing a political prediction, she thinks McCain will pick Mitt Romney as VP running mate, “he has become more conservative on the issue of abortion…But I was wrong about Evan Bayh.”
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