Obama and Biden in Springfield, Illinois?

Jacob Turcotte

It isn't official. But since when does that stop folks on the Internets from a babblin'?

We've got two big stories that people are following:

1. The buzz about Biden. MSNBC's Howard Fineman said he spoke to two of Obama's potential vice presidential candidates, and that after that discussion, he boldy said that the choice will be Biden, barring an act of God (well, he said unless the Obama folks changed their minds. But it is more dramatic to put it this way).

Speaking of dramatic, however, Fineman did say one of those finalists would bet his life on it (not Fineman's – the candidate's).

2. Obama is bound for Springfield, Illinois on Saturday. That's where he started his presidential bid. And according to the Washington Post, sources say he's taking his Veep with him.

Now CBS is saying Obama's text message will go out on Friday evening alerting subscribers the name of the candidate. What good is announcing when you are going to text someone? That's taking away from the surprise.

**update: ABC is reporting that Biden was leaving from home in Wilmington when he slowed down to tell a group of reporters, "You guys have got better things to do, I'm not the guy."**

Regardless, who is Joe Biden and why is he here? If the selection is Biden, there is going to be a focus on his foreign policy credentials. Here's a Biden for President ad from earlier this year touting those creds.

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