Charles Rangel censure vote: Five others the House has slapped down

The House is poised to vote whether to censure Rep. Charles Rangel of New York. It’s a punishment seldom used, but here are the five most recent cases.

Rep. Charles Wilson, 1980

Rep. Charles Wilson (D) of California faced censure stemming from personal use of $25,000 in campaign funds and accepting $10,500 from an individual with direct interest in legislation. Before the vote, however, Mr. Wilson lost the primary in his reelection bid.

Before Wilson left the House, his colleagues voted to censure him for the aforementioned financial matters, as well as for maintaining a “ghost” employee unaccounted for on payroll and for accepting “improper gifts” from South Korean political figures. In the 1976 “Koreagate” scandal, 10 Democratic congressmen were bribed to work to reverse President Nixon’s decision to withdraw troops from South Korea.

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