Where in the world is Sarah Palin?

Is that Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, 18 rows from the right, and six rows up?

Maybe she's in Rhode Island. Maybe she's hanging out with Glenn Beck. Maybe she's "tasting a nibble of AK’s bounty." Maybe she's hiking the Appalachian Trail. Maybe she's in Kansas with Lynn Jenkins, discussing the GOP's next "great white hope."

Who knows? At this point, we don't know where Sarah Palin is.

We only know where Sarah Palin isn't, and that's at ChangePoint, an Anchorage megachurch. According to the Anchorage Daily News, for weeks the Alaska Family Council advertised that Palin would put her John Hancock on a ballot measure at ChangePoint on Wednesday night. The measure would make it illegal for teens to get an abortion without first informing their parents.

A signature Palin issue, so to speak.

Problem: No one told Palin. Or else Palin is AWOL. Depends on whom you believe. Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton told the Daily News that "this is the first we have ever heard of" the event. Stapleton said Palin was out of state and thus almost certainly would not be able to attend.

But Alaska Family Council President Jim Minnery said he'd been speaking to contacts in the Palin camp for weeks. "All we can do is take people at their word that we've worked with in the past," Minnery said. "We've been working for several weeks on the event, promoting it very heavily. It would be a grave disappointment if she doesn't show up, but the show will still go on."

Well, she didn't show up, and the show did go on. And as Stephanie Condon at CBS News notes, this isn't the first time Palin has weathered a "scheduling malfunction":

On three other occasions this year, she was anticipated to speak publicly but did not. Earlier this month, Palin missed an event at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Calif. hosted by the Republican Women Federated of Simi Valley. Her staff said she never committed to the event. In June, Palin was billed to give the keynote address at a national Republican fundraiser, though her aides said she never accepted the invitation (she ended up attending the event but did not give an address). And in February, Palin backed out of an appearance at a conservative convention.

Remember, Palin only recently stepped down as governor of Alaska. What will she do next? The guessing game goes on....


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