White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs: Sleepless in Strasbourg

The crowds have been large and adoring, the foreign news coverage positive as President Barack Obama and first lady Michell Obama move through their eight-day, five-country trip to Europe.

But for the staff and press traveling with the first couple, such a journey is more grueling than glamorous.

A behind the scenes look

For a peek behind the scenes, listen to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs talking to the press pool on Air Force One en route Friday from London to Strasbourg, France.

Q How are you, Robert?

MR. GIBBS: Tired. How are you?

Q About the same.

MR. GIBBS: If I could figure out how to get more than about three hours of sleep I’d be set.

Q Are you having trouble sleeping or you just don’t have time?

MR. GIBBS: A little bit of both, but it’s as much -- it’s as much just your sort of clock gets all off.

Q The press corps takes Ambien for that.

MR. GIBBS: It’s one of those things where I could probably sleep for a little bit -- I could sleep probably better at some point during the day than I can at some point during the night, so it’s sort of a little maddening. But it’s all good.

And, as Gibbs says, in the end it is good.  Those traveling with the president may be tired, but they are getting a first hand glimpse of history unfolding.   The Obama's European travels continue through Sunday.

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