Supreme Court: a session of firsts Wednesday

There will be two new faces – and one familiar face in a different role.

When the US Supreme Court is called to order Wednesday morning in a special hearing on a major campaign-finance-reform case, the event will feature more than the usual sense of anticipation.

The hearing marks the first time the court's newest justice, Sonia Sotomayor, will appear on the bench in a pending case. She replaces retired Justice David Souter and is the 111th Supreme Court justice.

It also marks the first time that Elena Kagan, the first woman to serve as US solicitor general, will argue a case at the Supreme Court.

As if that wasn't enough, the lawyer for the party seeking to overturn the legal precedents, Theodore Olson, is a former solicitor general who successfully urged the high court in 2003 to establish a precedent that he's now arguing should be overturned.


For a preview of the campaign-finance case, which involves a film called "Hillary: The Movie," click here.


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