Election 101: Where the GOP candidates stand on China, Iran, Israel and other key foreign issues

Take a look at where each of the GOP candidates stands on foreign policy and national security issues.

7. Michele Bachmann

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    In this June 26, 2011 file photo, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. stands outside her childhood home in Waterloo, Iowa.
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As a House Intelligence Committee member, says China uses lasers to blind US satellites and is a “bad actor” in the international trading system. But also says she’d emulate the Chinese social model by ridding the US of the “modern welfare state.”

Middle East

Dismisses the Arab Spring as allowing “the rise of radical elements” and says the end result will be “nuclear war against Israel.” Decries Obama’s call for negotiating a Palestinian state based largely on 1967 borders as showing “contempt” for Israel. 


Claims the CIA no longer interrogates suspected terrorists and says she’d authorize waterboarding to extract information. Says the US can’t afford to lose Pakistan since it is the “epicenter of dealing with terrorism.”

Defense spending

Says defense cuts should be “on the table” but through “modernizing” procurement and not by shortchanging troops.

[Has withdrawn from the race]

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