Election 101: Is Herman Cain's media savvy enough to make him presidential? 10 things to know about him

The pizza magnate, aka the ‘Hermanator,’ is staging a full-on charm offensive, hoping his Southern-fried charisma, business savvy, top performance in the first GOP debate, and media prowess are enough to offset his fundamental flaw: zero political experience.

2. Why is he running?

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    Radio personality Herman Cain takes the stage to address the Conservative Political Action conference (CPAC) in Washington, on February 11.
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One thing missing from Cain’s impressive resume – president of the United States. He’s got the ambition to go after it and the charisma to convince voters he’s a catch.

Even if he doesn’t win, Cain stands to benefit. After losing in the 2004 primary, Cain snagged his talk radio gig. This time, he could snag a national market and instant name recognition (consider Mike Huckabee), a cabinet position, or a shot at becoming a GOP running mate.

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