Election 101: Who is Gary Johnson?

Gary Johnson, who has already scaled Mt. Everest, has chosen the presidency as his next summit.

8. What does his war chest look like?

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    Gary Johnson, popular former GOP governor of New Mexico meets with the Orange County Register's editorial board at the newspaper's Santa Ana, Calif. headquarters on May 19, 2010. Mr. Johnson announced on April 21 that he would run for president in 2012.

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Little is known so far about his finances. In 2009, Johnson founded the Our America Initiative, a conservative nonprofit organization. Money from the nonprofit cannot be used to directly fund his campaign, but it can be used for related expenses like travel. Johnson’s company, which he sold in 1999, made him a millionaire, and he spent $500,000 of his own wealth on his gubernatorial campaign in New Mexico. Johnson gubernatorial campaign supporters included AT&T and Phillip Morris.

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