Tea Party Top 10 biggest winners and losers

9. Carl Paladino, New York

Gary Wiepert/Reuters
Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino holds an orange bat as he concedes to a crowd in Buffalo, N.Y., on Nov. 2

Combative to the end, the New York businessman ended his concession speech Tuesday night with a challenge.

Hoisting an orange baseball bat, Carl Paladino told Andrew Cuomo, the Demcratic victor in the New York governor's race, to grab a baseball bat and clean house, or "have it wielded against you."

And he concluded: "Make no mistake – you have not heard the last of Carl Paladino."

Paladino, a real estate developer and fiscal conservative, promised to cut taxes by 10 percent within six months of taking office. He said that he would settle the controversy over the proposed Islamic center in lower Manhattan by having the state take over the property by eminent domain.

“I bring values, resiliency, a thick skin, and I’m not afraid to be confrontational,” Paladino told The Buffalo News in April.

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